Cales son as futuras direccións de desenvolvemento das pantallas LED?


Coa prosperidade sen precedentes da tecnoloxía LED,Pantalla LED products have attracted much attention, and they are widely used in commercial advertising, live broadcasting, traffic guidance, stage performance and other fields. So what are the development status of the domestic and foreign market of Pantalla LED and the future development direction?

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The Pantalla LED market has slowed down

Despois do "frío inverno", oPantalla LED industry seems to be returning to calm, but the shadow of production suspension, bankruptcy, and broken capital chain is still lingering. The market situation facing display companies is still grim and the prospects are worrying. "The Pantalla LED industry is currently in a mature and stable development stage, and external funds are no longer optimistic about this oversaturated industry." The industry has made such a judgment on the current situation of the Pantalla LED industry.

Statistics show that the output value of China's Pantalla LED industry in 2012 was 24.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%. On the whole, the growth rate of the mainland's Pantalla LED market is slowing down, and the compound growth rate in the next two to three years will remain around 10%-20%. Faced with slowing growth and market saturation, many Pantalla LED companies have already begun to actively explore new ways to get rid of the shackles of low gross profit margins and break through the dilemma of corporate development.

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The future development direction of Pantalla LED: intelligence and monitoring

Although the current demand for electronic display screens is close to saturation, with the development of new display products, as well as breakthroughs in new demand markets and application environments, this will bring new opportunities to the domestic Pantalla LED market. There are opportunities and challenges. With the intensification of industry competition, the display market will continue to grow in the future, but on the other hand, it will also intensify the transformation or elimination of some small and medium-sized Pantalla LED manufacturers.

A partir do nivel actual de competencia na industria doméstica de visualización electrónica LED, a competencia na industria doméstica aínda está na fase inicial da competencia de produtos. Os indicadores clave da competencia reflíctense principalmente en: prezo, calidade, prazo de entrega, servizo posvenda e outros aspectos. Nesta fase, LED. O prezo da pantalla converteuse no principal indicador da competencia.

The price of Pantalla LEDs continued to decline in 2012, with a year-on-year decline of 15%-20%. The underlying reason for the continued decline in LED display prices is that large and powerful manufacturers hope to eliminate some small and medium-sized manufacturers through price wars. The consequences of the price war not only lead to the collapse of certain small manufacturers due to insufficient strength and capital, but also a decline in profit margins of large manufacturers and the chaotic situation of the Pantalla LED industry.

A industria do LED entrou nun período de integración e algunhas pequenas e medianas empresas eliminaranse gradualmente nos próximos anos. Na fase de integración, espérase que os fabricantes de pantallas electrónicas LED con forza técnica e de capital empreguen a potencia do mercado de capitais e as propias vantaxes de tecnoloxía e canle da compañía para lograr un rápido desenvolvemento. Nos próximos 2-3 anos, a concentración da industria de pantallas electrónicas LED tamén aumentará rapidamente.

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Como líder no campo da monitorización e visualización da seguridade, o desenvolvemento do mercado afecta directamente á dirección da industria da seguridade. O LED ao aire libre é unha vantaxe incomparable no desenvolvemento do transporte intelixente na industria do LED e é unha importante dirección de desenvolvemento no campo do LED.